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Sent: 12 May 2009 1:54 AM

UserName: StudRacingNZ

Details Below



>> Richard Wheeler


>> I would just like to take the time to congratulate the Stud Racing team for that awsome 230mph blast at the nitro champs.

I take my hat off to Athol for having a pair big enough to hang off the back of that thing at that speed.

It truely is a credit to the team to be running world class numbers like that, I wasnt actualy there for the event but when I read

the time and mph my jaw dropped, congratulations to all the team once again.


 Visitor ID: 6127



From: Steve Bettes

Sent: Thursday, 7 May 2009 10:58 a.m.

To: Athol Williams

Subject: Re: Pic

Athol, That would be one of the BEST Top Fuel Bike Pics of the BEST Top Fuel Bike I have ever seen.

I would love one framed and signed by you as the CHAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Steve Bettes

Managing Director

Willowbank Raceway


Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 8:19 AM

Subject: FW: Pic>

> Hi Athol,

> I am John Morris and I work for Motorsport News, Grant Rowley told me

> that you wanted a pic of your bike. I don't know if it was anything

> specific, but here is a shot of you from Friday qualifying when you

> set your fastest time on the bike.


> Best wishes

> John Morris

> Mpix Photography



---- Original Message -----



From: Rob Sharp
Sent: Friday, 8 May 2009 2:58 p.m.
To: 'Athol Williams'
Subject: RE: stud racing Nitro champs summary


I’ll see you up there big fella. I’m sure Roger will have you sitting on a  rocket!


From: Athol Williams [mailto:athol@studnz.co.nz]
Sent: Friday, 8 May 2009 12:21 PM
To: rob.sharp@andra.com.au
Subject: RE: stud racing Nitro champs summary





Roger might be looking for a bit more of an inprovement in our short times

Once again you will have to be there and wait like the rest of us to find out what our thinking is and how much we are going to lean on it to stick it right up you ozzies sorry but it feels really great that we are finally STARTING to do some good numbers.This season opener No 1 Qual rained out 3 passes,Spring 2 dnf and a start line infringment, Golden States 5 passes, Enzed 2   6 passes, Summers Rained out, Western Nats 5 passes and a sand bucket, Nitros 7 passes and a sand bucket.We have only had 27 full passes this season


The Flying Kiwi



From: Rob Sharp
Sent: Friday, 8 May 2009 2:37 p.m.
To: 'Athol Williams'
Subject: RE: stud racing Nitro champs summary

Hey Athol

I can’t wait to catch up with you at Willowbank mate. 6.0’s would be nice ;)



Athol, congratulations on your achievements this season for winning the championship and the numbers last weekend. Major effort my al your team and now you have the just rewards. Looking forward to one day coming into the big sandpit  and lining up against you one day in the staging lanes.   Take care Damian Martini


8 May 09


Well done Athol.  What you guys have achieved is a real credit to you.  At the Nostalgia Nats in NZ this year Victor Bray introduced me to his son Ben as “NZ’s most famous drag racing export……until Athol Williams came along”.  You’ve got their attention which isn’t easy for a Kiwi in Australia!

Garth Hogan


11 May 2009

Dear Athol,

A quick, and rather belated, note to thank you sincerely for your kind words. May I say that in all my dealings with you at WSID, you’ve been an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to spend time with, talk with, learn from and assist in any way I could.

Collectively, you and your entire team are a true credit and asset to ANDRA Championship Drag Racing. What you have achieved in Australia, despite all the additional logistical obstacles and added costs associated with running a New Zealand-based operation is nothing less than stunning. That you and Roger literally make, not assemble, your engines still has me shaking my head in amazement – not to mention my nervous admiration for the fact that you ride that beast as you do.

Congratulations on both ends of the national record and a gold Christmas tree for your collection.

I know I speak for everyone at WSID, when I say that I really do hope circumstances and finances will allow you to return to defend your title. I think your records will stand unchallenged for quite a while yet!

Anyway, Athol, you’ll be more than welcome back at WSID anytime and have an open-ended invitation.


John Henman

Operations Manager

Western Sydney International Dragway Ltd



 Fri 8th May

To all of the WSID Staff that were invoved in the Karcher Nitro Champs and ALL the unpayed staff/helpers/Fire crew/etc a big thanks from  The Flying Kiwi and WHAT A TRACK you gave me on Friday Night and Saturday Night . Sunday was for just doing rounds. That Track was PERFECT and dont let anyone tell you any differant. Saturday night backup mph we were out of the groove for 2/3 of the run and still ran 238.51mph so I think you could say "We Loved Your Track" now I copping flack from Jeff at Willowbank saying he wants ANDRA Records from me at the Winters Ha Ha Ha. Thanks again for all of your support and cooperation over the last 2 1/2 years we have been racing at your track.Your sand trap is much easier to cleanup, after an excurtion than Perths.

 Thanks again it is people like you guys and girls and workers that help make these meetings so special.


Thanks Again


The Flying Kiwi

Athol Williams




 9 May 2009


Outstanding effort guys, thoroughly deserved , makes me proud to be a Kiwi.

See ya at the Winternationals , best of luck. Kenny, Brisbane.


8 May 09


Dear Athol & Sharon (along with the whole team)

WOW – a huge congratulations on the past weekend of racing!  What an awesome well deserved result for the Flying KIWI Racing Team.  

The picture that was sent to Gene @ Gates, has been sent on to all of us in the company and I have already printed it out for my boys for their room as the picture is excellent!

Your following in WA & in the other states here in Australia just keeps growing.

Best wishes for the upcoming races and I look forward to seeing you all next time you are in Perth!





 7 May 09

You guys are legends!  Well done – an unbelievable achievement! 


Very proud to call you my friends!!! J




Athol and Sharon and Team. Three words. You earned it!!!!

Athol and Team, surely now the world has awoken to this incredible feat. The flying kiwis, makes you proud you know. Roger, the results make it worth all the stuff you have had to do, gazillions of hours slaving away to make this happen, you are a real legend mate.  For all the team a huge WELL DONE. You are all a very very impressive crew…, good on you. Words could never describe what it has taken to do this, you are all a very special group of people. FANTASTIC!!!




Barry Sproule

Dealer Principal

Road and Sport Motorcycles Ltd


Hay that is the best shot I have ever seen!






To the Team, A huge Congatulations from Goughs Power Systems – WELL DONE- you should be extremely proud especially against the competition you are up against.

What are you going to do next ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Hi Sharon
Congratulations and huge achievement for the whole Kiwi Team, the Christmas Tree will look good on your table this year, I will definitely look forward to seeing it if you get to display it.
Another goal achieved and I would imagine the Yanks will be calling Athol for a challenge, the team and the bike must be in the top 5 worldwide, if not top at the moment.
Take care and thank you for your update
I much appreciate it and will post it on our notice board

Alistair Dickie
General Manager

HILTI (New Zealand) Limited 


7 May 2009


Outstanding result guys, congratulations! 

I read somewhere Athol’s now the fourth fastest in the world – awesome 

Let’s hope you guys now attract the mainstream media’s attention, which is long overdue 







7 May 2009



Congratulations. Brilliant effort and well deserved!





 5 May 2009


Had a flying trip to sydney last w/end to vist my brother in laws, a sail on the harbour and the hi light a trip to the drags.the real hilight was to see the team take top fuel, great going.  I will now follow the team with interest, top team top effort. 


Phil Stanley





Hello, Mr. Williams

I am a producer on a new American TV show that will air on the Spike TV Cable Network this May. It's called "Jesse James is a Dead Man" and it stars West Coast Chopper owner and monster bike icon Jesse James. Each episode has him doing a new, crazy stunt.

In the episode I'm working on he tries to ride a nitro/top fuel bike all the way down the quarter mile line for the first time in his life. To help show what he's up against and how difficult and dangerous the sport can be, I'm looking for big, dramatic clips of drag racing crashes, wrecks, accidents (etc.)

The clip of your crash that you have on your website would be perfect for the show. My question is, do you own that footage? If so, can we use it? If not, can you direct me to who owns it?

Thank you so much for your help in this. Please feel free to email me.

All the best,

Tom Hietter

Story Producer

"Jesse James is Dead Man"




Date:  31 Jan 09



Brilliant news on your recent success at Willowbank!  Totally awesome.  It's a shame I am living back home and not covering the racing at Willowbank Raceway like I did from 1993 until 2000.  It would be exciting to see this action unfold in front of me.  I remember how excited I was when Chris Tynan cut his very first six second pass there.  I didn't even notice Victor Brays' world record pass in the other lane.  But I  am having a blast, living back here, doing articles for NZ Hot Rod, Pertolhead, and NZ Rodder, and going to rod runs and Drag Racing in my T Bucket.  So, eventhough I miss Brisbane winters (compared to Otago winters) life is good!  But, the main reason I am emailing you is "Have you seen the bonus DVD which comes with the Aussie "Street Machine" magazine?"  It features the Australian Drag Racing season and has good coverage of your races.  A few of us are flying up to the NZ Drag Racing National, at Meremer, and I am hoping to see my old dragbike up there.  It's a blown alcohol 1180cc Suzuki (and it is orage as well) that now lives in Waiuku.  Keep up the great work..Awesome stuff!!

Yours in racing


Graeme O

Yeah the DVD is great and a real bonus, because my video skills are not that fantastic, and when I am trying to do camera work while also watching Athol blast down the track, with all the vibrations that go with it, the footage we get is never that fantastic, but I keep trying, otherwise we have nothing at all.  Did you see us on the National One News and Prime  on Monday the 19th January?  We missed it, as we were on our way back after the meeting, but it was some Channel nine footage from OZ.  Wish we could get more of that sort of stuff here.  Sharon



Date:  23 Jan 09


"Hi Athol and Sharon

Congratulations to you and the team on the National Drag Racing Record, an absolute brilliant goal to achieve and payback for all the ahrd work you have put in.

Hope Athol's diet helped in this and that the team and fit and ready for another busy year.

On behalf of Hilti NZ we are pleased to support your efforts and association as a valued customer.

Best Regards

Alistair D (HILTI)

Our new Stud Racing motto is " Outperform. Outlast" just like the Hilti brand of power tools that we are proud to be promoting and supporting, thank you for all the years of service that you and your staff have given us.  Sharon



Date:  23 Jan 09


"A HUGE WOW, AWESOME GUYS.  Congratulations on making the last meeting probably your best to date.  What can I say except you guys are amazing and deserve the best..keep it up Kiwis you are all bloody Legends.

Barry S (Road and Sport Motorcycles Ltd)

Barry it is so great to get feedback from another bike racer, knowing that you have tried the nitro seat yourself, Regards Sharon



Date:  23 Jan 09


"Sharon, may thanks for the update...well earned congratulations to all the crew and the Big Lad...a remarkable performance.  This will be forwared accordingly and a copy posted for the staff.  You must be very proud of your crew and supporters...the dedications is just magnificent.  Go Kiwi......cheers

Terry D  (Jackson Electrical Industries)

Thanks Terry and Jackson Electrical, we appreciate the support.  Sharon



Date:  23 Jan 09


"Well done team!!!!!  You guys are fast becoming very famous within your industry!  All that hard work and long hous have paid off!!!!!

Keep up the good work and deep flying that KIWI flag - the Aussies are not going to claim you!!!

Well done!

Jo & Rick R

That Silver fern is kept flying............



Date:  22 Jan 09


"Looks like a fun weekend, I didn't realise you ran TWO 6.30'!!  Great stuff!

Ian H

Look out for the next set of times......



Date:  22 Jan 09


"Hi Athol, Sharon & Team

You folks ROCK!

Congratulations, yet again.  Love reading your summary & since we been to Willowbank we can relate.

It's really cool how you are not only accepted & respected by adult spectators & competitors, but now you must have a real fan club of younger generation followers.  You must be pretty proud!

Mal and Lynda B (Sharp Shotz Digital)

Thanks heaps, for all your continuing support.



Date:  22 Jan 09


"Dear Athol and your winning team,

Just read the notes on the WinterPark racing and it reads like a dream!  Absoluting fantastic....wish I was there!  No belt problems I guess...and when are you travelling up here?

John P

Thanks John, the belts are holding just great, Thanks to Gates Racing 



Date:  22 Jan 09


Visitor ID 3578

"Hi Athol & Team

It is Great to see you are on the top Again!  Mate.  With the crew that you have with you, no wonder your are at the Top.  I know You told me that you wished to get into the 5.0's!  Not far waway now ?, I fell.  Anyway My Best wishes are with yuo ALL.  Regards

Howard S (ex crewman for Max P&B Funny Car)

Great to hear from you Howard, thanks heaps, Signed Sharon



Date:  21 Jan 09


Visitor ID 3544

"Gidday Athol, saw you racing last weekend and met you in the pits at willowbank.  Bought some of your merchandise as well.  Outstanding performance and good luck for the future.

Ken H

Thanks Ken, hope to see you again, Signed Sharon


Visitor ID:1428

Comments:    AWESOME.  Ex kiwi in Perth, I run a mod bike - 1500cc kawasaki, 2nd year.  Keep it up and flag flying.

Good on ya

Mark Old

Visitor ID:1176

Hi Roger, Athol and team....good luck for the aussie nationals this weekend in Sydney.  Fly the kiwi flag high and proud.  Larry and Steve say Hi and go for Gold.  As you may know Mitch and I live in Canada now and have hooked up crewing with pollardnitrosports with their new top fuel bike.  We have just spent a week with Larry and Steve for the initial fireup and are heading back to Virginia next week for some testing at Richmond with the Aussies.  Looking forward to seeing Roger in Valdosta in November.

Take care and see ya soon

Richard and Michele Maunder



1st September 2008

Good luck guys, smash the Aussies...nice meeting you.

Gazza   Visitor ID 982

7th August 2008

>> Congrats on a great season in 07/08 and look forward to more in 08/09. As much as I'd hate a Kiwi to win our championship, I'd love to see you guys do it - cause you deserve it!

Cheers Greg Wilson - Aussie drag racing fan!










Date:  15 November 2008


Visitor ID 2254

"Athol - saw your awesome 6.45 pass at the motorplex last night.  I was the blubbering fool who came and spoke to you in the pits aferwards and I was blown away at how approachable and willing you were to give up someof your time t answer my stupid questions and how down to earth you were.  Your are such a great ambassador for the sport unlike some of your competitors that will remain nameless.  Wish i could be there tonight, hope you get a handle on the track and run a pb.  Stay upright.

Granty T

As you will now know Grant, Athol did run a pb and also a National record with it.  Athol  always enjoys talking with the public, whenever time allows.  Come and see us again.  Thanks.


Athol, congratulations on your achievements this season for winning the championship and the numbers last weekend. Major effort my al your team and now you have the just rewards. Looking forward to one day coming into the big sandpit  and lining up against you one day in the staging lanes.   Take care Damian Martini