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March 08

Athol on stage
Athol on stage

I don’t know what we have to do to make the New Zealand public aware of our achievements, seems that if you aren’t an All Black or a V8 driver then any major international achievement is not to be recognised.

We live in Pokeno, New Zealand, but race in Australia, making the frequent fly across the ditch to race.  Our machine is in a 40ft container which is transported from track to track in OZ.

What is our machine you ask……….it is a TOPFUEL dragbike…………..there is nothing like it in New Zealand.  See the scanned poster attached for all the details.  1500 cc, with a possible 1500 horse power – ON TWO WHEELS.

We are the first New Zealand Drag racing team to win a drag racing “Christmas Tree” in Australia, let alone a team winning Division One.  That was in Sydney on the 16th February.  Since then we have raced in Perth, coming runner-up.  We are currently sitting second on the current season points table, of a field of seventeen top bikes.  THAT IS A MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT by Australian standards, let alone International standards.

We are ecstatic, how can we let the public know?

Athol has done the standing quarter mile in 6.5 seconds! And it will only get better.  The Australians know we are a big contender.  Our professionalism is standing out and the crowd gathers consistently around our pit area to absorb the fumes and atmosphere.

Our next meeting is in Sydney on the 2nd and 3rd May and we are looking forward to do more battle against Troy McLean (currently no. one), Brett Stevens and others, then one more round after that in Brisbane. See below for the current points table:

2007/2008 ANDRA Australian Top Bike Championship

Rider  State Round 1  Round 2  Round 3  Round 4  Round 5  FINAL TOTAL
1. Troy McLean QLD  80  85  158  60  150  533 
2. Athol Williams NZ  40  40  98  105  128  411 
3. Brett Stevens QLD  110 45  60  85  60  360 
4. Ian Ashelford  WA  60  100  120    60  340 
5. Neville Smith  QLD    60  60  40   60   220 
6. Mark Ashelford WA     90     90   180
7. Mark Drew  WA  20    60    98  178 
8. Jay Upton  WA  20  20  30  20  60  150 
9. Leonard Azzopardi NSW  60      60     120 
9. Rodney Salvestro  NSW  40  40    40    120 
9. Dennis Grant  SA  20  60    40    120 
12. Phillip Parker  VIC 40  20  30  20    110 
13. Craig Bonwick  NSW 40  40        80 
14. Sydney Standring  WA      60      60 
15. Sam Parker  VIC        40    40 
16. Kim Stevens  WA      30      30 
17. Allan Herriman QLD    20        20 
Pointscore updated - 4/3/08               
Legend Blue = Low Elapsed Time, Red = Top Speed, Pink = both              


“To win and ANDRA Gold Trophy means so much to me and my team. I have to say thankyou to all the Australian professional teams across all categories and the three major ANDRA Championship tracks we race at. Everyone has been so helpful and encouraging to our efforts here.” Williams beamed. “The Aussie Teams are very professional and also very helpful, a special thanks must go out to Stan and Marg Sainty, Deno, Brewie and Wayne and all the other great teams that have welcomed us with open homes.

“Now to our Team, a HUGE THANKS and this Christmas tree is for them:

  • Crew Chief – Roger Bloor, RB Performance – builder of the bike and manufacturer of our engine. Yes, manufacturer of our NZ built engine.
  • Bruce McGonnell – air and electronics systems technician
  • Mike Gearing of Gearing Engines
  • Daniel Booby of Spinifex
  • Trevor Fellows of Used Quads

Now our Sponsors:

  • Stud Welding NZ Ltd
  • Bar Grip NZ
  • Jackson Electrical
  • Gates Racing
  • Hilti NZ
  • Roger Bloor (RB Performance) Engine Manufacturer and Top Fuel Bike and component builder
  • Cycle Specialists (Larry, Steve and Kathy McBride, USA)

Our racing could not take place without the huge support of our great sponsors.