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May 2008

The Stud Racing team came away from attending the 2008 Nitro Champs in Sydney not despondent about the semi-final loss to Leonard Azzopardi. In fact it was quite the opposite. Running over five personal bestís the team are overwhelmed by the constancies.

In testing, “the writing was on the wall” with crew chief and team owner not happy with progress of the Stud Racing bike.  IT WAS TIME TO UP THE PACE.  The third test pass provided that for the team.  We were about to head down the right path, with a personal best of 6.51 seconds, with an early shut off.  With two other earlier passes done in testing this was decided a success.

One week later we were ready for qualifying.  We wanted to lay a good pass to qualify so that our crew chief could play with the last two passes later.  The result was a 6.545 @ 213.50mph, to stomp out of the first session with number one qualifier.

Session two brought about the pass to remember.  A massive 6.462 seconds @ 209.72mph. The changes to the bike were working.  The pass was the quickest this season by any TOP BIKE, and a personal best for the team, on a very cold 13ºC track.

Session three provided a 6.520 @ 212.03.  The fact we were running in the so called “bad right-hand lane” made this a data pass. 

The fact that we had Brett “The Boss” Stevens – the toughest competitor, in the other lane for all three passes was encouraging and also that the second pass (personal best time) was on/off, even more encouraging.  The quickest side by side pass done in Australia was missed by most people. 

Elimination day came with much anxiety.  The track was in much better condition.  Lane choice was ours and we were up against Rodney Salvestro in the first round, no problems, 6.55 second pass @ 206.73mph and we were okay and happy, on to the next round.

Semi-final and up against Leonard Azzopardi, a strong contender – Azzopardi’s fast reaction time got us there, but we put down another 6.46 with our personal best mph of – 214.38 and lost to Leonard’s 6.567 @ 190.75 – BUGGER!

Would have been great to have got into the final again, but no matter, we had excelled in PB’s well and truly.  We got out and did an exhibition run to make up for it.  This done at negative 89 feet altitude and a 15Ę™C track, was tough.  We managed yet another 6.4 pass and did another personal best – 216.10   mph – just three mph off the Australian National record.  The team were chuffed.  We hold our heads high; we have done very, very well.  Onwards and upwards we go.

Team Achievements for the meeting;

Five Personal Bests

  • Two MPH’s
  • Three ET’s

The Three Quickest Passes Done this Year by a TOP BIKE COMPETITOR

6.462,              6.467,              6.485

The Two Fast MPH Done this Year by a TOP BIKE COMPETITOR

214.38,            216.10

The Two Fastest side by side passes this year, being;

Athol Williams    6.462 @ 209.72mph          Brett Stevens  6.569 @ 203.31
 Athol Williams    6.467 @ 214.38mph          Leonard Azzopardi 6.567 @ 190.75

 We stand second out right on points in the Australian Championship with one meeting to go.

All our thanks must go to those firms who contribute in every which way, to making it all possible;                                 

  • Stud Welding NZ Ltd
  • RB Performance Ltd
  • Gates Racing
  • Hilti
  • Jackson Electrical
  • Spinefex

And of course all the crew, Rider – Athol Williams, Crew Chief – Roger Bloor, Team Mum – Sharon Williams, Bruce McGonnell, Mike Gearing, Daniel Booby and Trevor Fellows, who without them, the bike would not even get to the start line.  Cheers everyone.

Thanks also to the Sainty Family, Dennis Brijeski and Chris Thornton for all their fabulous assistance.