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Aussie Nats Sept 08

Ralph Smith Congratulates Athol on getting into the top 30
Ralph Smith Congratulates Athol on getting into the top 30

The Flying Kiwi bike patiently waits with Coffee King escort
The Flying Kiwi bike patiently waits with Coffee King escort



12th to 14th September 2008

Western Sydney International Dragway


After a frustrating week of trying to get our trailer and container cleared, off the wharf, to the track, setup and fully operational, Friday the 12th arrived and the Stud Racing team felt well prepared and eager to get the first qualifying round of the Australian Nationals out of the way.  The team were determined to go out and set a good time and mph right from the start! 





After one and a half hours of waiting in the staging lanes, Athol got up to the line and did just what everyone wanted.  Another personal best was scratched up - an ET of 6.339 sec's at 215.75mph, with Troy McLean in the opposition lane, also doing a PB of 6.438 at 209.38mph.  This run is apparently the fastest side by side pass ever recorded in Australia.  It was an absolutely thrilling first run and the team were absolutely wrapped.


Second qualifying fun, the ET was not so good at 6.546, and the mph at 212.86 was down on the first run, but not bad considering we were late getting into staging - the event was running behind and the class pecking order had been changed without our knowledge.  None the less the bike was running consistently with past times in previous events, - everyone was still happy - the fine tuning was kicking in!

Come the third qualifying round, we wanted to try and improve our time, but once againe another long wait in staging while the track got cleaned, - another hour and half later and the conditions have changed dramatically from when we first lined up.  Athol got out and did another six-fifty pass BUT AT 218.12mph, less than one mph off the Australian record!  WOW another personal best and what a plus - the aim was to better it and get the record.

The meeting was running extremely late, top fuel was out for the fourth time, Steve Read had a major incident into the catch net, resulting in the days programme being stopped and the final qualifying round being carried forward to the next morning, which was also elimination day.

The team was looking forward to eliminations with much excitement, we really wanted to get a decent number of points on the board to start the season.  Alas, after two very hot, brilliant sunny days, Sunday turned to thunder and lightening, wind and rain and the meeting was cancelled.  Bummer!

Non the less, we came away with a great sense of pride in our performance, setting two more personal bests, again obtaining the ET and mph of the meeting and number one qualifier again.  A great start to the season.  We are now on the list of "Top 30 fastest E.T's"  in the world.  The only complaint we had was the @@**##! weather. Here's looking at Brisbane in two weeks time.

Special Thanks to:

Chris & Virginia Thornton of Coffee King Pty Ltd for all their assistance in providing wheels for the team to get aroun and for towing the bike.  Also for the great meal the team had at his fabulous restaurant at Erskine Park Shopping Centre.  See www.organiccoffee.com.au

Deno Brijeski for giving the team accommodation, Happy 40th Birthday Deno you old bugger!

Graham Cowan at Rocket Industries Pty Ltd for repairing our magnetos and for making available the best motorcycle drag tyres (Mickey Thompson).  See www.rocketindustries.com.au

Brett Stevens for the loan of his truck to tow our trailer to Brisbane from Sydney.

All very much appreciated by a bunch of kiwis on a tight budget.  We can't thank you all enough.  THANKS, Thanks, thanks......

Congratulations to Troy on his personal best time of 6.438 against Athol, which enabled both riders to be involved with the quickest side by sde pass ever recorded by Top Bike in Australia.

Jeff Rice, welcome to the team mate and thanks for all the assistance you have continually given us to make us feel welcome at Willowbank.  We are sure there are many teams who would feel the same as us.