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Spring Top Fuel Championships Sept 08

Receiving the Best Engineered award
Receiving the Best Engineered award


Spring Top Fuel Championships


26th & 27th September 2008


Well, this is one racing event that the team will refer to as CUSTARD. 


We felt really well prepared for the first round of qualifying and what did we get dealt with,  



a broken primary belt early in the run, resulting in a ten second pass at 71mph.  DARN, BUT we really smoked the tyre - that says something!

Back to the pits, sorted out the belt, and into staging for qualifying round number two. The horse power was way up there, right off the line but DARN again, we snapped a cam chain and the resulting time was 9 seconds at 86mph.  Deflating and disappointing times, knowing what we had achieved in the Australian Nationals qualifying rounds.

Back to the pits, sort a few things out and come out the next day for the last round of qualifying and our last chance to get into eliminations.  No reason why we couldn't do it, the bike was in good nick!  What happens...... a technical error on the start line and Stud Racing is disqualified, but hey we managed to pull off an elapsed time of 6.60 at 211mph, on a lazy tune-up, allowing for the heat of the day, on a hot slick track.  It was the quickest pass for that session and would have put us into the number two qualifying position.  It wasn't to be our meeting, that had been our destiny right from the beginning, so be it, we have a lot more fight left.

The bright side is, once again, we achieved more personal bests - two 60ft times were the best we had ever run, and the 330ft time on the last run was also a best.  Shows we have the power and all the possibilities.

We have a great team, we have spirit and solid honest attitudes, we abide by the rules, taking the highs with the lows and enjoy the comradeship that the Australian teams have endeared to us.  There are some really fantastic people in the Aussie drag racing world and we feel honoured to be a part of the action.

A real highlight of the weekend was receiving the "Best Engineered" award.  That award really belongs to Roger our crew chief (R B Performance, email RBP@vodafone.net.nz) who is the great mind and ability behind the custom motors built specifically for our bike.

Special Thanks to:

Steve @ Rocklea Mercedes for the use of the van for towing and for getting the team around.

Murray Jacklin @ Air Liquide for all the gas.

Brett Stevens for providing the means to tow our trailer to Willowbank.

Jeff Rice for all his assistance at the track.