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Athol The Flying KIWI

Athol The Flying KIWI

Athol is a well respected director and owner of Stud Welding New Zealand Ltd. Athol entered the Navy in 1972 as an Artificer and left the Navy in 1980 as an Engineering Chief Petty Officer. At the time he was the youngest CPO.

Athol's two children Byron and Rachael are part of the crew.

This is Athol's second drag bike, he once owned New Zealand's fastest road bike, a modified 1975 Kawasaki 900, run as a AA/PRO stock drag bike. The bike held the New Zealand class record of 10.74 sec. He hadn't been back in the racing seat until the purchase of the Stud Racing machine, but hadn't been idle and had crewed on Mike Gearings dragster during the 1980's until Mike stopped racing. 


Parry Hunt Crew Chief

Parry's extensive experience and success as a top drag racer himself makes him the perfect person for the job of Crew Chief. He's also the team's computer wizz and keeps a level head and a watchful eye on the whole operation.


STEVE AND margie paris



Steve and Margie Paris are both successful drag bike racers in their own right and riding in the 8's and 9's.  They know what it takes to make it happen and cut a light.  Steve is an integral part of the crew, Margie does - everything photos, helmet and gloves and pours a good cold one!!





Rachael has her fathers engineering type of mind, quick on giving jip back and is the chute packer - a vital part at the end of the track!  She has her own strong interests like her dad including Airsoft and Military History.  







The 2008 - 2009 team - Left to right in the picture is: Bruce McGonnell, Roger Bloor, Sharon Williams,Daniel Booby, Rachael Williams, Mike Gearing and Trevor Fellows, Rider is Athol Williams



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